Docxtemplater was born out of the idea that you should be able to generate Docx as easily as you generate Html with something like Mustache.

They are a lots of solutions like docx.js, docx4j, ... that generate docx, but you will have to write specific code to create a title, an image, ...

I think this is a waste when you can just write your template with plain old Microsoft Word.

Docxtemplater is just there for that

Why you should use a library for this

Docx is a zipped format that contains some xml. If you want to build a simple replace {tag} by value system, it can already become complicated, because the {tag} is internally separated into <w:t>{</w:t><w:t>tag</w:t><w:t>}</w:t>. If you want to embed loops to iterate over an array, it becomes a real hassle.